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Ottawa manufacturer develops super window

September 8, 2017

An Ottawa-area manufacturer claims to have developed a stronger, more energy-efficient window frame that it believes will become the standard in the home renovation industry. 
The window has been recognized by Natural Resources Canada as the most energy-efficient one on the market this year.
Verdun Windows & Doors of Vars, Ontario, calls the product Window 4.0. It uses a new type of window frame known as RevoCell, a microcellular polyvinyl chloride (mPVC), which is a super-dense version of the more common PVC plastic.
This year, Verdun became the first window maker in Canada to put such a product on the market.
“We worked on this for more than ten years,” said Jimm Fox, a marketing executive at Verdun, which has been in business for more than 30 years. 
Verdun has been installing Window 4.0 windows for the past six months in Ottawa and the Toronto area, Foxx said, all for the home renovation market.
Verdun predicts that mPVC will become the norm for windows in the homeowner replacement market within five years and for home builders within ten years. Verdun has no patent on the technology but Fox said, “we have at least a one-year head start.”
A big advantage of the new window frame is that, unlike traditional PVC window, it has no hollow channels. “These are strong, solid vinyl frames that allow much larger windows,” Fox told Home BUILDER.
Natural Resources Canada rated the RevoCell double-pane casement window the most energy-efficient product of its type in Canada for 2017, out of more than 145,000 casement windows tested.
The Verdun window has an Energy Rating of 38.
Verdun is currently offering RevoCell windows for the about same price as regular PVC windows, which can range from hundreds of dollars for small basement windows to more than $1,000 for large bay windows. It also comes with the same 20-year warranty, Fox said.


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