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Faux marble and stainless deliver a quick reno

February 13, 2019

Before (left) and after application of a faux marble finish for a countertop. - Giana

We know Home BUILDER readers are sophisticated when it comes to home improvements, but, hey, what if you could transform a second kitchen with the look of marble countertops and black stainless steel appliances for less than $250?
That’s the promise of Giana, a U.S.-based company that offers faux finishing it says are near-dead ringers for the real thing -– and they will ship into Canada.
The company has just introduced the “world’s first countertop marbleizing kit.”
It claims, that in a test market this year, the “kit, designed to transform old kitchen countertops into the look of marble, outsold the nation's bestselling granite countertop finish in a head-to-head comparison by a factor of two to one.”
Sure it did.
The kit includes a paint made with stone and acrylic technology that bonds to Formica, laminates and butcher block, is impervious to moisture and is scratch and stain resistant. It is applied with special brush and roller that is included.Typical project time to marbleize a standard kitchen countertop of 35 square feet is four hours of marbling and 16 hours to set 
The cost of the kit is US$89.
Giana also offers a black stainless steel paint product that uses an acrylic coating fused with tiny particles of stainless steel. The black finish will cover any existing refrigerator, range of dishwasher. Applied with a special roller, the finish is impervious to moisture and fingerprints, the company claims.
It takes about six hours to prepare and cover a typical appliance and it takes another six hours to set. Cost of the black stainless steel coating to cover a refrigerator is US$79; it is US$29 for an average range or dishwasher.



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