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41 New Products

Our fourth annual New Product Showcase is an 11-page parade of some of the most innovative and advanced new products emerging on the residential construction market today. From the basement to the roof, we cover the building products, tools, gadgets, appliances, finishes, software and even the vehicles you need to get the job done.

Multi-Gang Installation Tool
Cooper Wiring Devices has created the first and only tool that helps builders align multi-gang installations. With the patent pending G-tool, wall plates can be fit quickly and accurately, without needing additional adjustments.
Two "arms" swivel and snap up or down to adjust to any combination of devices - toggle, decorator and duplex - from single-gang up to 20-gang. A built-in bulb level eliminates guesswork by ensuring devices are perfectly lined up before mounting screws are tightened.

AQUA-TOUGH Interior Panels
Ideal for bathrooms, basements and mudrooms, FIBEROCK® Brand AQUA-TOUGH™ Interior Panels from CGC Inc. are a new type of abuse-resistant interior wall panel that offers superior protection from moisture and mould. The panels are designed to be installed and finished like traditional wallboard and feature a smooth surface that can either be painted or finished with ceramic tile, which means builders don't need to change products if a room design calls for tile in one area and a different finish elsewhere.
The panels are available in 1/2- and 5/8-inch thicknesses, with the 5/8-inch-thick panels earning UL classification for fire resistance.

Mould Resistant Coating
EnviroCare Corporation has expanded its line of mould resistant solutions with ForSite™, a product developed specifically for building contractors and remodellers. The coating goes on like ordinary paint or stain with rollers, brushes, sprayer or aerosol and is available in clear for exterior walls and surfaces, or light blue for wall cavities (where the pigment indicates coverage). It typically dries to the touch in less than an hour and is completely dry within a few hours. ForSite™ is water-based, which means it cleans up easily, and also silver-based. It is the silver ions released in the presence of moisture that inhibit mould.

FauxStone Panels
With FauxStone Panels, a new and innovative 2x4 high-density polyurethane product from Architectural Products by Outwater, builders can visually and texturally replicate original building materials such as brick, slate, concrete, driftwood, natural rock and bamboo, at a fraction of the cost.
Suited for interior or exterior use, FauxStone Panels are UV protected and are available in a fire-rated format as per ASTM E84-90 Surface Burning Characteristics. The panels are offered in a variety of styles and colours and can be sawn or laser cut, drilled, routed, glued or fastened on virtually any type of surface.

Collaborative Business Platform
In response to companies in the Development, Architecture, Engineering and Construction (DAEC) industry who need their information to be integrated, filed and tracked, eBUILD.ca Inc. has developed the Collaborative Business Platform (CBP), an on-line project management tool.
CBP gives users access to all pertinent documentation, an audit trail and "robust" filing capabilities. It features a central repository to access and redline drawings and documents, multi-level user authentication and application security, a Web-based application that enables access from virtually any location, scalable architecture for large numbers of concurrent users, on-line meeting and more.

Floating Glass-Front Appliances
Now there's an alternative to stainless steel for homeowners seeking a sophisticated and contemporary look in their kitchens. Jenn-Air has introduced the first full line of art deco glass-front appliances including freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, warming drawers, and cooktops. The glass "suite" also works well in classic or "retro-styled" kitchens.
The glass planes, easy to wipe clean and available in white or black, extend beyond the face of the appliances, hiding hinges and allowing counter-depth appliances to slide into cut-outs.

Touch-Button Heat Control Fireplace
The new Perennia™ gas fireplace from Heat & Glo uses a patented HeatLogic™ heat management system that lets homeowners adjust the amount of heat radiating from the fireplace without diminishing flame height or quality.
Perennia's heat output level can be adjusted in 10 per cent increments up to 100 per cent via a wall-mounted touch-button control panel. At its lowest setting, 85 per cent of the heat radiating from Perennia into the room is removed. This radiant heat can them be distributed into another room or furnace duct system, or it can be expelled outside the home, depending on what installation option the homeowner chooses: HeatZone®, HeatDuct or HeatRemoval, respectively.

Largest Pickup Cab in Class
The all-new 2006 Dodge Ram Mega Cab from DaimerChrysler Canada boasts the most spacious and comfortable interior ever: 145.2 cubic feet (4.1 m3), innovative seating and storing configurations (for six adults and their gear), and the first reclining rear seats available in a pickup truck The rear-passenger area offers 44.2 inches (111 cm) of leg room and the rear seats split 60/40, fold down and move forward - practical when additional space is needed for cargo.
Available in Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 models, the 2006 Doge Ram Mega Cabs will be in dealerships beginning this fall.

Range Hoods with a Touch of Italy
Sirius Range Hoods Ltd. continues to expand its line of luxury kitchen ventilation appliances, manufactured in Fabriano, Italy. The wall and island range hoods boast industry-beating low noise levels (3.9 sones), heat safety sensors, powerful 600cfm blowers, time delay functions, four-speed touch control or remote control, removable dishwasher-safe grease filters and halogen lighting. Not to mention Italian good looks.
An alternative to the traditional range hood is the Sirius Power Pack, which is concealed into custom wall-mounted or island-style vent hood canopies or can be matched with a stainless steel screen for under-cabinet mount applications.

Environment-Friendly Oil Remover
Oil and paint spills are common on construction sites and can be frustrating to clean up with toxic solvents and cleaners. Environmental Building Science Inc. has developed a new product that claims to clean better than most industrial-strength cleaners yet is certified as non-toxic under the Eco-logo program.
Oil Lift ™ starts breaking down the oil in a stain upon contact. Waste can be flushed into lawns or onto gravel, where natural bacteria will digest the remaining components. Oil Lift can remove grease and oil from driveways, vehicles, engines, appliances, floors, fabrics and more.

Non-Rigid Sound Barriers
SoundSense LLC offers a range of high-performance, flexible noise barriers that can be used for various applications. SoundSense LV-1 is 1/8" thick and weighs only 1lb. per square foot, but it can stop the passage of sound through floors, ceilings or walls. NoiseOut 2™, slightly thicker and heavier, is loaded with high-density inert fillers, making it an ideal barrier for airborne noise. The LV-A, at 1-1/8" thickness, is designed to stop plumbing and HVAC transmitted noises and to solve home theatre noise problems. For reducing or eliminating the noise of machinery, SoundSense offers the QB111, a composite of the LV-1 and quilted fibreglass.

Flood Detector and Stopper
Unlike most water/ flood detection devices, the FloodStopper System from FirstSmart Sensor Corp. is more than just an alarm. After a leak is detected, FloodStopper uses a valve on the main water line to automatically shut the water off and prevent a flood.
Multiple sensors, available in either hardwire or wireless versions, are placed in key zones throughout the house, mounted at floor level near potential problem areas. If a sensor detects water, it sends an electronic signal to the automated control panel, which then emits an audible and/or visual alarm before turning off the main water supply.
FloodStopper can be installed in new construction or retrofitted into existing homes.

Through the Roof Waterproof Sealant
The rainy spring season can present a challenge to roofing contractors, often delaying work until roof surfaces are dry. Enter Sascho's Through the Roof - a clear, flexible caulk that permanently seals around rooftop fixtures, wet or dry. It repels water immediately after application, is UV resistant, remains elastic (allowing it to absorb significant degrees of movement) and never dries hard or brittle.
Through the Roof can be applied to custom tile, brick, wood and shingles and, unlike asphalt, it does not blacken rooftop fixtures or leave black patches. It is available in cartridges and VOC brush grade quarts and gallons.


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