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"Built To Last 100 Years"
A Nova Scotia builder's commitment to the industry

By Sherry Grant










Lining the sea coast outside the small Nova Scotian town of Bridgewater are beautiful homes - works of art - built by Richard Lind, owner of Everts-Lind Enterprises Ltd. As Lind stops to talk to a local fisherman who has wandered up to take a look at the latest house under construction, it is evident that there are significant differences between urban and rural builders. "In a small town, potential clients have more opportunity to see your on-going work and are able to appreciate the services you provide," says Lind.
Established over 20 years ago, Everts-Lind Enterprises is located in Bridgewater and employs a crew of six to twelve people. Custom- built homes account for the major part of Lind's business, with some of large-scale renovations making up the remainder.
Since opening his company, Lind has had a keen interest in the industry that goes beyond the construction aspect. He is dedicated to being on the leading edge and learning about and incorporating the latest products in his building practices.
One challenge the industry faces, according to Lind, is knowing and understanding the best use for new products. To overcome this barrier, Lind connects with other builders across Canada, through the Canadian Home Builders' Association, for example, and researches new products and techniques as they are introduced into the market.

Commitment to the industry
Lind also recognizes the importance of advancing the professionalism of the industry on a provincial and national level. Since joining the CHBA in the late 1980s, Lind has continued his efforts to make improvements that will benefit the future of the home building industry.
As chair of the CHBA National R-2000 Builders' Committee, Lind is dedicated to responsibility in energy efficient housing. His involvement in R-2000 began with the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association's first R-2000 Showcase of Homes in 1988, where he featured his first R-2000 house.
Further to his commitment, Lind has a long history of involvement in many areas of all three levels of the CHBA. Lind is one of the founding members and past president of the South Shore Home Builders' Association. He is past president of the Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association and has chaired its Certification and Technical Research Committee. Nationally, Lind is a member of the CHBA Board of Directors and has served as chair of its Technical Research Committee. Beyond his participation in home builder associations, Lind serves on building code committees, at both the national and provincial government levels.
Lind has demonstrated his passion for fostering the interest and commitment of others in the industry through his role as an instructor for numerous building related courses and by having published and presented on a number of housing issues.

Commitment to the customer
"Built to last 100 years" is the motto that Lind and all of his employees use as their mandate - from the materials they use to the quality of their workmanship. "It's important to me that the project is done right," says Lind. "I am personally committed to the success of every new home I build." It is apparent from the enthusiasm and appreciation of his clients that Lind is well-respected in his community for his work. His clients are enthusiastic when they talk about the experience they had when their house was built by his company.
Lind believes that the houses he builds are the best form of advertising and this is effectively demonstrated by his recent clients, Ray and Carole Ouimet. This family wanted a Maritime builder to construct their new home, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, to ensure that it would not jeopardize the look and feel of the existing surroundings. They spent two years watching Lind work on other houses in the area and knew that he could capture the essence of their vision.
"Working with Richard was a very positive experience," said the Ouimets. "We are very pleased with the quality of his work and how quickly we established a level of trust and confidence in his ability to understand our plans and ideas."
After-sales service is not just a phrase for Lind; it is the core of how he runs his business. "As a builder in a small community, after-sales service is especially important and my customers know that I am there for them," he says. In fact, many of Lind's clients get to know and like him so well that they become personal friends following the construction of their new homes. Clients have held parties for Lind and his crew and one even erected a brass plaque in the new home with the name of every person in Lind's company who worked on the house.

Commitment to employees
Skills shortage is an area of concern across Canada in the residential construction industry. As an advocate of the apprentice program, Lind has been a mentor for many young builders over the past 20 years and has been diligent in working to promote the industry to the future generation. His employees are loyal to the company and dedicated to quality workmanship. Lind proudly notes that, of his past employees, a dozen have gone on to open their own businesses. This reflects Lind's strong leadership to instill confidence in the people who work for him.

Commitment to the community
Lind also sees the importance of giving back to the community and has been a dedicated volunteer for the YMCA's Big Cove Summer Camp where he sits on the Advisory Board and offers the time and expertise of his crew several times a year at no charge to do maintenance and construction work at the facility in New Glasgow.

The future of the industry
In addition to the respect from his clients, Lind has also been recognized in the industry as a leader. In 2004, he was presented with the CHBA Gordon S. Shipp Award for his outstanding contributions to the residential construction industry. He has also received numerous other provincial and national awards over the past 11 years.
Looking at the future of home building, Lind is concerned about the gap between the cost of housing and what a young family can actually afford. He sees housing affordability as a challenge for the industry.

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