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The Latest and Greatest

When Archimedes stepped into his tub and suddenly figured out how to measure the volume of irregular objects, he exclaimed "Eureka!"
Even in our technologically advanced age, it's still exciting to discover simple solutions to previously complicated or time-consuming problems.
Poring over the hundreds of press releases we received for our 7th annual New Product Showcase, we were impressed by the number of innovative ideas that deserved a double take, "Wow!" or "Why didn't I think of that first?"
Unfortunately we had to narrow our choices to 40 new products and technologies that, among other benefits, promise great savings (time, cost and energy) to home builders and renovators. Although we haven't tested or tried each of these, we think they represent an excellent sample of some of the exciting new products and technologies available today.

Thermal Wall Forms
Durisol's insulating concrete forming (ICF) system features interlocking modular units that are dry-stacked (without mortar) and filled with concrete and reinforcing steel. Available in a variety of widths and insulation configurations, they incorporate mineral fibre insulation that is also non-combustible, moisture resistant and positioned toward the exterior of the wall, resulting in additional energy efficiency not possible with other ICFs.
Durisol Building Systems Inc.

From Blue Box to Green Glass
Poraver(r) North America collects thousands of tonnes of recycled glass from Ontario blue box programs every year and - using only what can not be used by the glass industry, which for the most part is coloured glass and fine glass shards - turns them into lightweight, porous glass minispheres. Applications include dry mortars, building blocks, veneer stone, and acoustic and partition wall systems.
Poraver North America

Toolbox in a Tube
Bull Seal is designed to replace mechanical fasteners as well as caulks, sealants and adhesives. An MS Polymer(tm)-based adhesive sealant that will cure to form a "bull strength" seal, Bull Seal claims to outperform any latex, silicone and polyurethane adhesive product. It adheres to wet surfaces, may be applied to submerged surfaces and even cures under water. Bull Seal is waterproof, paintable, stainable, and UV resistant, and remains permanently flexible.
TVM Building Products

Power Shears for Fibre Cement
Malco has developed an all-new air-powered TurboShear, as well as a TurboShear accessory for electric drills, specialized for fibre cement siding. The TSF1 accessory inserts easily into the chuck of a standard 14.4-volt or larger electric power drill and works equally well with corded or go-anywhere cordless drills. Both the TurboShear and the drill accessory use the same replacement blades.
Malco Products Inc.

Stainless Steel Doors
Lasertron stainless steel cabinet doors and drawer fronts feature a satin brush finish and laser-welded corners that eliminate unsightly refinishing marks. The backs of the doors have rolled edges and there are no external welds or screws used in the assembly, resulting in an elegant and uncluttered appearance. Doors are predrilled for European-style 35mm hinges. Hardware holes can be predrilled, making installation simpler than for wood doors.

Increase Scaffold Safety
With the help of standard lumber typically found on job sites, the patented T-Brace easily increases span and rigidity of scaffolding planks. Insert a 2 x 10 board horizontally in the top opening of the brace, and a 2 x 6 board vertically in the bottom of the brace, and a T-beam is created.
T-Brace is light (3.3 lbs) but its powder-coated steel construction can withstand up to 500 pounds of weight. Twelve T-Braces, which build four 16-foot walk-boards, can be stored on one 30-inch 2 x 4.

The Contractor's Timeclock

JobClock significantly reduces payroll expenses, including overtime and workers' compensation insurance payments by accurately tracking employee's attendance and time on the job. Workers clock in and out with green and red "Keytabs" carried on their key rings, and a supervisor retrieves records using a Palm or Windows Mobile PDA. Timecards and detailed reports can be generated and printed out using TimeSummit.

Stone Vent Covers
Heating floor registers tend to look unfinished, so Accents of Distinction has come up with The Stone Vent. Using the actual tile being installed, AoD will make a flush-mounted or top-mounted removable tiled vent cover, currently offered in two designs and two sizes and ranging in price from $85 to $110.
Accents of Distinction

Support for Plumbing Systems
The ProPEX(tm) Out-of-the-Wall Support System provides a quick-to-install solution for PEX-a plumbing systems all the way to the fixture, eliminating the need for metal stub-outs or connections behind the wall. ProPEX comes with a plastic bend support that snaps into an 18-inch-wide wall support bracket. A flared plastic escutcheon, available in chrome or white finish, conceals the penetration and connection.
Uponor Ltd.

PVC Siding Starter Strip
Here's a multi-purpose starter strip engineered to receive all types of sidings and stand up to nasty weather. The 5/4-inch-thick PVC Stealth Skirt Board features an angled top ridge for the first course of fibre cement or composite siding to rest upon. This tapered edge also allows water to run off. Made from low-maintenance PVC, it can come into direct contact with the ground or masonry with no ill effects.

Water-conserving Showerhead
The FloWise(tm) showerhead reduces water consumption by up to 40 per cent of the current code requirements of 2.5 gallons per minute. Three angle-adjustable spray settings operate at 1.25 to 1.7 gpm while still delivering a spray as powerful as 2.5 gpm. The secret? A small turbine-like mechanism spins the water stream through the head to create an invigorating spray without wasting water.
American Standard


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