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Home BUILDER Magazine - November 2004

World Class
Everything John Friswell has learned - the languages, the engineering, the export business and global contacts - comes together in his latest career as one of British Columbia's top home renovators.

Higher Canadian dollar a mixed blessing
Canada's economy is providing a healthy support for new housing and renovation demand. However, the strong Canadian dollar is proving to be a mixed blessing to the construction industry.

High-End Renovations
High-end renovations are now becoming an important segment of the Canadian market, with five- and even six-figure home makeovers becoming more common. We have asked four renovation companies from across Canada...

Getting a grip on things - and wearing nylons
By Jon Eakes
You have probably noticed this yourself, but scientific studies have shown that it takes as much as 30 per cent more muscle power to hold on to a tool that is slippery than it does when working with a non-slip grip. A better grip translates into less fatigue as well as fewer accidents.

Renovation Outlook 2005
Renovation spending will hit $38 billion in 2005, far outpacing new home construction.
You don't have to look far anywhere in Canada to see that the renovation sector is booming. However, new evidence shows that the market is even bigger and broader than anyone suspected.

Ecologically Sound Landscaping
Canada has substantial quantities of free water to help maintain our landscaping. You would think that it should be easy to install a new garden and have it grow without great assistance. This is increasingly not the case.

Budgeting Renovations
Renovators can help homeowners find the funding for substantial renovations by explaining some innovative financing programs, according to mortgage brokers Peter Kinch of the Mortgage Centre, which has offices across Canada.

British Columbia's big boom
With the highest increase in both housing starts and renovation spending in Canada, British Columbia is roaring through the third year of an unprecedented residential real estate boom.

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