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Home BUILDER Magazine - May 2007

Design and Interiors - Readers Survey
Design elements and features are a major source of income for builders and renovators, according to the latest Readers Survey conducted by Home BUILDER Magazine...

Manitoba and Saskatchewan:
Thanks to strong economic growth, which Canada Mortgage
and Housing Corporation expects to climb 2.8 per cent in 2007 and 2008,
Manitoba is experiencing high levels of residential starts and sales.

Pushing the Envelope
John Carroll is a problem solver by nature. The inevitable challenges that pop up while designing or building a new home don't faze him. "What makes my job so exciting is that there are new problems every day - new opportunities to figure out ways of making things work."

Hardwood with a History
When it comes to flooring, especially for living room, dining room and family room applications, hardwood is at the top of most homeowners' must-have lists.

Keeping Up With Technology
Home automation can range from a simple isolated $20 light timer to a fully integrated remotely accessible interactive system that controls energy, security, communications and comfort in your home. Technology is steam rolling along at a dizzying pace that is difficult to keep up with.

Some Good News
The stock market is one of the best leading indicators for the economy and it is also closely related to new home building and residential renovation.

Preparing the Perfect Project Plan
The Project Lifecycle phases are: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control and Closing. All the phases overlap and are of high importance.

Creating kitchens that work is all about picking the right ingredients.
There was a time when work stations were reserved for restaurateurs, when stainless steel appliances were found only in the kitchens of gourmet chefs, and when faucets with a vegetable sprayer were state-of-the art. Times have changed.

Royal Plush
Bathtubs are all about the long, luxurious soak, and while spa/jetted tubs are still big, claw foot tubs are definitely making a splash. If space doesn't permit a separate shower, it's important to play up the comfort elements and add touches of glamour.

Preconstruction Management Software: Trends and Strategy
Adoption of takeoff and estimating software among home builders remains low relative to that of accounting and project management systems.

Shifting Gears: New ways to do old things
TOOL TALK by Jon Eakes
Every one of you has a pneumatic nailer and some of you have gone to heavy battery-operated cordless nailers to get away from the hose. Sure, there are gas nailers on the market but how about turning your standard pneumatic nailer that you already have into a truly portable machine?

Good Air Days
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from a wide array of products numbering in the thousands, many of which we have or use in our homes.

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