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Home BUILDER Magazine - March 2008

Builder Profile
Father-and-son builders differentiates themselves in Brighton, Ontario.

Readers Survey
We asked builders and renovators how important energy efficiency is to their clients, the people who buy the final product, and how they feel about the process.

Canada Not in Recession... Yet
We advise Canadian home builders and renovators to play it safe. This is not the time to go out on a limb with expansion plans and big financial commitments.

Selecting Low-E Glazing for Optimum Energy Performance
Low-E glazing allows less solar radiation into the living space than clear glass does. There are two types...

Foundation Elements vs. Foundation Systems
A solid foundation system must be a sum of its parts.

Project Success: The Bottom Line on the Bottom Line
Ever think about how successful your business really is? Or how successful it could become? If so, how do you measure it?

Solar Roof Tiles: On Their Way Up?
Solar roof tiles and shingles, also known as Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) panels, could become the standard for solar roofing in years to come...

Sunrise or Sunset...
Bringing the outdoors in and expanding living/entertaining space are at the top of many homeowners' wish lists, so it stands to reason that the addition of a sunroom is increasing in popularity.

Energy Efficiency: a Cold-Formed Steel Focus
As lumber prices fluctuate drastically, the general consensus is that the quality of wood framing material has been in decline for some time.

Green Windows: Get Ready for Tougher Standards
ENERGY STAR is raising the standard for “green” windows.

Layout & Alignment: Getting Simpler
TOOL TALK by Jon Eakes
In an era when more and more tools are being loaded with laser beams and built-in calculators, it is a pleasure to see some very simple but extremely useful tools showing up on the market.

Bridging the Gap Between Field and Office
The best builders integrate what's managed in the field with what's accounted for in the office.

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