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HomeBuilder May2008 2103
Home BUILDER Magazine - May 2008

Builder Profile
Montreal's EcoCité is building green in Montreal. Project by Christopher Sweetnam-Holmes.

Can You Relate?
Increasing your relationship value will keep your customers coming back - and singing your praises.

Location is Everything
Kitchens and baths are still the rooms that sell a house - something to remember when building or renovating.

CHBA Conference Report
Dreamy Whistler was the perfect backdrop as delegates to the 65th annual national conference were inspired to build not only houses, but also dreams.

The Benefits of Integrated Estimating and Job Costing
As most builders grow, software integration usually is not the first item on the table. Fortunately, it is never too late to step back and implement an integrated system.

Gypsum Firewalls
A solid foundation system must be a sum of its parts.

Advancing Housing Innovations
The Canadian Centre for Housing Technology's research and assessment of housing innovations benefits home builders.

Trade Wars
A look at vent problems reveals that when trades "just do their jobs", the results can be disastrous.

Adding Brains To Your Homes
How domotics - also known as home automation - can differentiate you as a builder.

A Risky Economic Outlook
The IMF warning of a possible global recession is not to be taken lightly. It would deflate the commodity bubble that is contributing to the ongoing momentum in energy, mining, agriculture and Canada's overall general economy.

Spring Line-Up
TOOL TALK by Jon Eakes
Our tool expert suggests a shopping list of great new gadgets for your toolbox.

Quebec's Economy Stays Strong
Home builders in Quebec have reason to remain optimistic about the province's housing market.

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