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Home BUILDER Magazine - September 2009

Building a Greener Future
There’s green building, and then there’s what Constructions Sodero does. The Quebec builder and its president, Robert Deschamps, tackle projects that push the boundaries of sustainable building.

Evolutions in Cutting and Clipping - Tool Talk
Energy efficiency can often be enhanced by simple changes in construction techniques, and products change with time to help us do that. These products illustrate that evolution and show that, as the materials we work on change, the blades we use to cut them change as well.

Job Growth Will Be Key to Sustaining Recovery

There are signs of economic recovery popping up everywhere, but the real key to recovery will lie in how the economy deals with excess capacity and unemployment.

Is Your Bank Holding You Hostage?
The recovery would seem to be under way, yet builders are still having trouble raising the financing they need to grow their business. What’s behind this? Paul Cardis and Bill Lurz weigh in.

Solar Shading Devices Save Energy in Houses
The twin houses of the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology (CCHT) afforded the National Research Council’s Institute for Research in Construction (NRC-IRC) an excellent opportunity to conduct tightly controlled studies to assess the benefits of using two types of window shading devices: exterior insulating rollshutters and highly reflective interior screens.

Digging Deep to Solve Energy Problems
’s been a boom in the market for geothermal energy over the last few years. The reasons behind it and how the technology has changed are at the source.

A Good House is Better in a Good Neighbourhood
In his inaugural column, Fannis Grammenos looks at how we build not just homes but neighbourhoods, and how we can improve on our current approach.

Quebec Market Report
The Quebec housing market has held up relatively well through the recession. But unlike other provinces that have begun their recoveries, the worst may still be yet to come for Quebec.

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