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Home BUILDER Magazine - November 2009

The Indoor Air Research Laboratory is a key tool of the NRC-IRC. The facility, located in the Ottawa area, is used to examine the relationship between such topics as air supply rates, air movement, air quality and the health of residents.

Builder Profile
Scott Costain isn’t exactly a household name, but he’s quietly been building some of the best homes on Prince Edward Island for decades. Now he’s added a second challenge to his docket by being one of the driving forces behind the creation of the PEI Home Builders’ Association.

Tool Talk - From Batteries to Blades
As with personal computers, construction high-tech is getting smaller, more useful and more affordable – but high-tech isn’t limited to electronics.

Don’t Get Too Excited 
Signs of economic recovery both in the broader market and the housing sector continue to pop up, but these indicators need to be seen in the proper context; the market is still fairly poor in absolute terms.

Atlantic Market Report
The Atlantic housing market has taken its share of lumps in this recession, but the numbers started to show signs of turning the corner in August and September.

A New Model for Rural Canada?
Sonja Bata made her name as half of what was once one of the world’s biggest shoe companies. Now she’s turned her attention toward redeveloping a small factory town, and in the process, may create a new model for Canadian rural communities.

How to Please Nature and Delight Neighbourhood Residents
The interests of your customers and the natural surroundings of your developments can sometime seem at odds, but if you keep a few simple guidelines in mind, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Getting More Efficient Through Technology
Builders are always looking for the newest tool that will improve their company’s efficiency. With so many options in the technology and mobile solutions space, it’s easy to miss some of the products that could make the difference in your business.


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