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Good work practices for dust control

October 15, 2021

Health Canada suggests the preferred method for cleaning dust settled on the floor is to use a vacuum system equipped with a proper filtration medium. The vacuum system must be appropriate for the task and be maintained per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Milwaukee 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum
Our M18 FUEL PACKOUT 2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum is a powerful small capacity 18V wet/dry vacuum. Its POWERSTATE brushless motor delivers up to 60 per cent more suction for powerful performance to easily clean up common wet and dry jobsite debris.
At just 87 dB(A), this vacuum is twice as quiet as traditional jobsite wet/dry vacuums. The 2.5 gallon wet/dry vac includes a certified HEPA filter for optimal dust and microparticle collection, as well as a power tool adapter for efficient dust collection from other power tools. It is powered by REDLITHIUM Battery Packs, which deliver up to 30 minutes of runtime on a HIGH OUTPUT 8.0 Battery Pack in high mode and over 50 minutes in low mode.

Festool Dust Extractor
With a 15L container volume, the Festool CLEANTEC CT 15 extracts dust, dirt and water. Its design ensures that almost the entire container volume can be used for long periods of work without having to change the filter bag. Festool CT 15 E Dust Extractor has high suction power due to an adjustable high-performance turbine.
The crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzle cleaning accessories are among the items included and can be stored in the mobile dust extractor.
It also has touch operation. And, when absorbing water, the LevelStop shuts down the drive in good time and the motor remains protected. The compact, ergonomic design and low weight make the extractor particularly easy to transport.

Dewalt Flexvolt 60V Max Dust Extractor
Running off of the FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX battery, the DCV585 cordless Dust Extractor is an efficient and portable way to achieve OSHA compliance on the jobsite. This product features Wireless Tool Control with remote which allows the user to activate the extractor from the tool—at a distance. It also features an automatic filter cleaning mechanism and includes HEPA filters. The FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX battery powers the full range of 60V MAX tools, and it is backwards compatible to work with 20V MAX tools.

Makita Brushless Robotic Vacuum
Makita 18V X2 LXT Brushless Robotic Vacuum is a cordless solution that automatically cleans large flooring spaces in commercial environments. It features an efficient brushless motor engineered for extended runtime and longer tool life. It cleans approximately 5,380 sq. ft. of hard.
The DRC200Z has a 3-stage cleaning system with side brushes, a main brush and vacuum suction for efficient cleaning. The filtration system is engineered to capture 99 per cent of dust particulates. Additional features include large capacity (5/8 gallon), two navigation options to set depending on the number of obstacles, timer function, remote control, and much more.


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