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Reno hack: low-cost ‘marble’ countertop

November 7, 2023

Faux marble coatings are stain resistant and look authentic if done right. | Marble Dream

Real marble kitchen countertops are cool and beautiful. They are also expensive and susceptible to staining. But a new line of faux marble countertop resurfacing paint kits offer a very low-cost solution.
According to the makers of Marble Dream Resurfacing Kit, “the start-to-finish project requires no skills and results in authentic-looking marble surfaces.”
This is a bit of stretch, as some skill and patience are needed, but at cost of $169 to cover 40 square feet, it could be worth it because the effect can be both stunning and stain resistant.
The Marble Dream kits come in white and black colors, and include necessary tools. The kits can create veined marble finishes and add visual appeal to most existing surfaces in just two days, the manufacturer claims. Users get to determine if they want soft, elegant marble veining that flows or something more distinct and defined.
There’s surprisingly little work involved in this project,” according to Peter Daich, president of Daich Coatings. “Most of the time you’re waiting for an application to dry and cure so you can move on to the next step! This is the easiest DIY kit we’ve ever launched, yet the results are stunningly genuine.”
He adds “the process is very forgiving.”
Marble Dream surfaces resist stains, heat and impact. Application of the product is low odor and low VOCs (or volatile organic compounds). Sinks, plumbing fixtures and countertops do not need to be removed before applying the product to laminates, concrete, plywood, stone, pre-coated or solid surfaces. The final Marble Dream surface is kept food safe and intact with a polyurethane clear coat.
Here is a video showing how it is applied.
The Marble Dream Resurfacing Kit is available at Lowe’s and Home Depot or from www.daichcoatings.com with free shipping.


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