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Home BUILDER Magazine - July 2005

41 New Products
Our fourth annual New Product Showcase is an 11-page parade of some of the most innovative and advanced new products emerging on the residential construction market today. From the basement to the roof, we cover the building products, tools, gadgets, appliances, finishes, software and even the vehicles you need to get the job done.

Site Security: Wireless Technology to the Rescue
Job site security has become a major headache for all contractors across the country, losing both tools and materials. The CHBA Web site even has a chapter on "Site Theft" in their downloadable pamphlet How To Manage Risk, which deals mostly with the insurance side of job site security. Of course, insurance premiums are best kept under control by avoiding theft.

Positive Economic Fundamentals
Economic fundamentals should support housing and renovation demand through the rest of this year. Forecasts for GDP growth are now being revised upward in response to unexpected strength in consumer demand.

New products
By Jon Eakes
This whole issue is about new products, so when we're talking about new tools, I like to mix up the little gems with some powerhouses.

High-End Vinyl Siding
Much of our siding industry appears to be based around imitating old-fashioned wood siding while trying to get away from the maintenance and aging of wood. Fibre cement has often claimed the honours in the durability category but it still has to be painted and repainted. Vinyl has won much of the market because of cost, but often it starts out or ends up looking cheap.

Engineered Wood Flooring Solves Hardwood Problems
Hardwood is the king of flooring but traditional hardwood floors require expensive skilled labour to install, encumber the construction site during finishing, and are prone to client call-backs as soon as the humidity changes...

Canadian Super E technology launched in China
The innovative Canadian Super E initiative was officially launched in China on June 6 at the opening of the Shanghai Gubei She Shan International Villa.

Canadian Code Compliant Rain Screens
Over the years, considerable research has been undertaken to study how wall systems get wet and get dry, especially in the very humid Atlantic provinces. In essence, it was determined that, in most climates of Canada, a rain screen provided the best performance for the wall.

Attic Ventilation 101
How many times do we find something that slips between the cracks and messes up a good job? Attic insulation and soffits are natural enemies and we often feel like we don't have good tools to assure adequate soffit ventilation. Brentwood Industries and Armtec offer a potential solution: AccuVent™.


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