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Home BUILDER Magazine - November 2005

"Built To Last 100 Years"
Lining the sea coast outside the small Nova Scotian town of Bridgewater are beautiful homes - works of art - built by Richard Lind, owner of Everts-Lind Enterprises Ltd. As Lind stops to talk to a local fisherman who has wandered up to take a look at the latest house under construction, it is evident that there are significant differences between urban and rural builders.

"I Can't Find Any Good Trades!"
It's no secret that one of the biggest challenges in today's industry is the lack of skilled trades - or, as builders and renovators tend to say, "good trades". So important, in fact, is the issue that it is being dealt with at all levels in the CHBA alongside current advertising attracting new people to the industry.

Insulation - Evolution, experimentation, claims & research
There are two cardinal rules in the world of insulation:
1. Insulation is always part of a system that has to control thermal loss or gain, air flow and moisture movement. Don't think of insulation by itself.
2. …

Inflation not good news for builders
The inflation risk is higher now in the wake of the hurricanes. This is not good news for Canada's new home builders and renovators as it could mean more aggressive interest rate increases by the Fed and the Bank of Canada.

Design/Build Strategies for the Real World
Thanks to the myriad of home renovation shows on television, today's homeowners are much more in tune with decorating do's and don'ts than they were a decade ago. At least they think they are. The reality is…

Healthy Homes - Protect People and the Planet
Concerns about the environment and occupant health have changed the face of Canada's housing industry. New practices related to the design, construction and renovation of homes now strive to protect both people and the planet. The good news for builders is that adopting Healthy Housing principles will add value to their product and will set community planners and builders apart for doing things better - at little or no additional cost to them - while helping homeowners reduce their operating expenses.

The Tools of Demolition
TOOL TALK by Jon Eakes
Almost all renovations start with removing the old, so since this issue of Home BUILDER concentrates on renovations, I thought I would seek out some of the front-line tools: the tools of demolition.

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