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Home BUILDER Magazine - May 2006

Focus keeps Victoria renovator on track
Good times mean good business but the steady flow of cash isn't lulling Victoria-area renovator Greg Miller into complacency. Instead, he's made sure G.E. Miller Builder and Contractor Inc., his family's third-generation company, is ready for when the boom ends by focusing on high-end renovations...

Technology's impact on how we work and what customers want
On April 13th we conducted an E-mail survey of our readers. We used 100 replies to tabulate the results. Of them, 58% were builders and 42% were renovators..

B.C. Market Report: Builders enjoy robust start
Strong housing starts in the first quarter of 2006 aren't entirely cancelling prospects for a slower year for B.C. homebuilders in the months ahead...

Cordless: where is it going?
Not so long ago, I wrote in this magazine that the only real changes in cordless technology were the chargers, but that has changed. Today we can barely keep up with the cordless revolution because it has become the cutting edge of competition between the tool manufacturers…

Upgrade Your Skills
Looking to upgrade your building skills? Perhaps take a course in cement fibre board installation or the ins and outs of Part Nine of the Building Code. Once you know where to look, you'll find plenty of course offerings in most major Canadian centres...

Commodity prices put pressure on builders' costs
The surge in commodity prices will put even more pressure on builders' costs. Copper and zinc are at new record highs. Energy prices are poised to go even higher…

Going Wireless
What To Consider When Looking for the Right Wireless Solution for You and Your Business...

A Sound Investment: Structured Wiring offers Future Flexibility
According to Statistics Canada, consumer spending on televisions and home theatre systems increased by more than 10 percent in 2005, the strongest annual increase among all major expenditure categories…

Controlling Dust
TOOL TALK by Jon Eakes
Some tools make dust, some tools collect dust and some tools collect specific types of dust. Even the broom has its limits - as the instruction manual for fibre cement siding states that you should never dry sweep their dust!

Even The Kitchen Sink
They rarely get caught, but it happens. Half of a four-man gang stealing power and manual tools and building materials from trailers, equipment bins and workers' vehicles last summer in Ontario were caught last September…

Building in Security
Would it surprise you to learn that one of the key trends identified at the 2005 Security Canada Central conference was that U.S. builders were starting to include monitored residential security systems as a value-add feature?

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