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Home BUILDER Magazine - July 2007

New Products Showcase 2007
Our editors and writers pored over an array of exciting new products and technologies that promise, among other things, energy conservation, added value, efficiency, cost-savings, and a competitive edge to builders and renovators.

Readers Survey - New Building Products
The building industry continues to enjoy a steady stream of impressive new products. Last year, an astounding 88% of builders said they used new energy efficiency products and 81% of renovators used new tools.

A Twist on the Traditional
For today's homeowner, it's all about visual effects.

Today's homeowners are looking for contemporary alternatives to traditional solutions - both indoors and out

Floorward Thinking
Today's consumers want to be different from their neighbours. Gone are the days when everybody wanted slate blue plush carpeting, green-gold shag rugs or honey-coloured hardwood. Yet when it comes to flooring, sometimes it seems as though the only thing "new" is a change of colour.

Technical Opinions from CCMC
CCMC, part of NRC-IRC, is a national service that offers evaluations of innovative construction materials, products and systems.

Saving Electricity... and Money
As unobtrusive as a small electric clock, the PowerCost Monitor is a real-time direct feedback display device that tells homeowners, at a glance, how much electricity their home is using in dollars and cents, as well as in kW.

It's Time for (Another) Meeting
The purpose of a meeting is to make sure that all parties involved are on the same page and know when the page is going to be turned.

Build a Profitable Web Presence
Are you trying to market without a Web site? Bad idea. In August 2006, Statistics Canada reported that Internet access rates in Canadian metropolitan areas ranged from a low of 68 per cent in Montreal to a high of 77 per cent in Ottawa-Gatineau and Calgary.

Economic Downturn: Retreat or Invest?
Recall the spring of 2000, when dotcom startups were all the rage. Stock prices of tech companies with no earnings were through the roof. It seemed that everyone from venture capitalists to "day traders" was making a killing.

London Builders Pilot Selection Process for New Energy Technologies
With so many new products rapidly hitting the market, how can builders already squeezed for time in their long work days review and make good choices about new products?

When New Is Actually Better
TOOL TALK by Jon Eakes
Given the competitive nature of our society, the push for manufacturers to always have something new creates a lot of products that are new just for the sake of being new or different, not because they represent some form of real progress.

EnviroHomes in Full Bloom
Three EnviroHome openings were held this spring, showcasing some of the best healthy homes on the market.

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