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Home BUILDER Magazine - September 2004

Master Designer
When the Greater Toronto Home Builders' Association bestowed a Lifetime Achievement Award upon Ken Viljoen this summer, it recognized the influential stamp the prolific South Africa-born architect and designer has forged in his adopted city.

The economy is performing well
Canada's economy is performing well. Economic growth has picked up and is estimated to have actually been stronger here in the second quarter than in the United States. Exports show widespread gains. The latest Business Conditions Survey carried out by Statistics Canada shows an improvement in business confidence. The composite index of 10 leading indicators is showing its strongest increases in two years.

Kitchens & Baths Today
The 2003 surveys collected data on materials purchased, including flooring, plumbing fixtures, appliances, cabinets, countertops, etc. The data polled 75,000 professionals and 80,000 consumers in the United States. These surveys show a general trend among consumers purchasing kitchen and bath materials for remodeling as more likely to spend more money to upgrade from original materials with some concern of price, durability, and style...

Tough Tool Testers Found Nailer Wanting
By Jon Eakes
When tool companies set out to innovate, sometimes they do really well on part of the new tool and not so well on the rest. Our tough group of Canadian builder tool testers were thoroughly impressed with the ability of the new Stanley N88 (RH-2MCN) framing nailer to do a superior job of nailing in hangers.

Hydronics: Troubleshooting & Training
The number-one challenge for radiant heating during the 1970s was dealing with failed steel and copper tubing installed following WWII. Between 1980 and 1990, the difficulties were boiler, pump and expansion tank failures resulting from corrosion and improper tube installation

Dry Wallboard
While gypsum wallboard - or "drywall" - has been standard in homes for years, there was always the danger of moisture. Getting the gypsum wet during construction often meant throwing it out and, if it got wet after installation it could lead to the latest horror: mould.

Computers Replace These Chips
Even the most techno-spooked renovators or new home builders can look like design geniuses and add some spice to their client meetings with new design software from the major paint companies. The software takes the place of looking over hundreds of paint...


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